detailLuxury & Comfort

Silk nestles luxuriously around the body, preventing the draftiness common
to thicker duvets which can bunch. As the silk fleece within the duvet is a
cohesive unit, there are none of the “cold spots” often associated with down
or feather duvets. The luxurious feel of silk is said to influence the way the
body responds to stress.

detailThermoregulatory properties

It is well known that silk acts to keep one warm in winter and cool in summer.
This is due to silk’s ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture
without feeling damp. It draws excess heat in the form of moisture from
one’s body, acting as a natural cooling system. The more moisture trapped
by the silk, the cooler it feels to the body. Silk’s large fibres and low
conductivity keep warm air close to the skin during cold winter nights.

This combination of properties results in complete comfort throughout the
night and also caters to the individual warmth requirements of two people
under the same duvet.

detailHealth Benefits

Increased moisture absorption: Silk is a 100% natural fibre, composed of
two proteins (sericin and fibroin), which are made up of 18 amino acids – the same as those in the human body. The amino acids aid in the
absorption of moisture into the skin and healing processes.

Hypoallergenic: Silk’s protein structure makes it an inhospitable environment for dust mites, thus it is hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Anti-Oxidants: Sericin is an anti-oxidant, which acts to soothe inflamed skin and increase circulation. This, in combination with the softness
of silk, is said to reduce the process of skin aging.

Increased Circulation: Circulation is also aided by the fact that a silk duvet is usually a fraction of the weight compared to that of a similar
down or wool duvet. This lightness also decreases discomfort felt by individuals suffering from arthritis and joint pain.


Sericin is a natural antibacterial agent that inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria. This makes silk particularly advantageous in humid climates where mould and bacteria flourish.


Silk is non-combustible and disintegrates rather than burning. It is, therefore, a much safer option than most other bedding products and
is ideal for children’s bedding.


Silk is one of nature’s strongest fibres, with a tensile strength comparable to steel. As such, silk is extremely durable and a good quality silk product, if cared for properly, will last many years