One cocoon yields approximately 1 km of silk filament. Each cocoon is stretched to the dimensions of the product and then layered – so you are literally sleeping under thousands of delicate filaments.

The layered silk forms a single cohesive unit, held in place within the casing by internal threading, in addition to a single box stitch around the product perimeter. The duvet is finished with cotton piping.

Silk does not bunch, so there is no need for conventional box-stitching of the duvet, which can reduce the duvet’s draping quality and compromise the warmth factor of the product.

The cotton percale 250 Thread Count used for the product casing has been specifically chosen to ensure quality and, at the same time, be light enough to allow the duvet to drape luxuriously around one’s body.

Given the range of temperatures across South Africa, we have three seasons of duvets. The duvets have been TOG tested in the UK. Each duvet has cotton ties on the corners, so that a summer and midseason duvet may be tied together to form a winter duvet.

When comparing duvets from different companies, be sure to compare the amount of silk within the products, confirm that it has been laboratory TOG tested rather than estimated and that the filling is 100% silk rather than a mix.

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The silk in our products has been analysed at a South African National Standard (SANS) accredited laboratory in Cape Town to provide customers with assurance that our products contain only 100% silk.

Each duvet is packaged in an embroidered cotton drawstring bag.

Silk Weight  |  Price
Silk Weight  |  Price
TOG 11.5
Silk Weight  |  Price
3/4 (150 x 200)
600g  |  R 1625
1200g  |  R 2665
N/A  | N/A
Queen  (230 x 200)
900g  |  R 2350
1850g  |  R 3485
3200g  |  R 6145
King (230 x 220)
1000g  |  R 2575
2000g  |  R 3945
3500g  |  R 6585
Ex-Length (260 x 230)
1200g  |  R 3165
2400  |  R 4945
4000  |  R 7465

All prices include VAT and Shipping.

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