One cocoon yields approximately 1 km of silk filament. Each cocoon is stretched to the dimensions of the product and then layered – so you are literally sleeping under thousands of delicate filaments. The layered silk forms a single cohesive unit, held in place within the casing by internal threading, in addition to a single … Read More


Cocoon’s pillow collection comprises mixed Silk/ Rayon pillows. The pillows are covered by a cotton percale casing. Each pillow is packaged in an embroidered cotton drawstring bag. Rayon, a natural cellulose fibre, forms the centre of the pillow and is wrapped in layer of Silk. Depending on the amount of Rayon within the pillow, a … Read More

Silk Bed Linen

Cocoon’s Silk Bed Linen Collection is made from 100% mulberry silk (19 momme) and available in ivory, with the recent addition of cloud grey pillow cases. The products are packaged in elegant silk embroidered bags, which make lovely gifts or a bit of indulgence. The Linen is not only luxurious, it is also durable and … Read More

Flat Sheet

Cocoon’s 100% Mulberry Silk (19 momme) Flat Sheets are available in ivory. There are two styles of Flat Sheets: a plain cuff or with elegant embroidery along the cuff. Pillow cases are available with the Flat Sheet style embroidery. All silk bed linen is machine washable on a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent. The … Read More

Fitted Sheet

Cocoon’s Fitted Sheets are made from 100% Mulberry Silk (19 momme) and are available in ivory. The elastic in our fitted sheets has been sewn around the entire base of the sheet, to ensure that the sheet remains snug on your bed. Cocoon’s fitted sheets have also been made with extra depth (35 cm). All … Read More

Duvet Covers

Cocoon’s duvet covers are made from 100% Mulberry Silk (19 momme). The covers are available in ivory and include two matching standard size (45 cm x70 cm) housewife style pillow cases. There are two styles of duvet covers, plain or with embroidery.The sets are available in three sizes. All silk bed linen is machine washable … Read More

Pillow Cases

Cocoon’s pillow cases are made from 100% Mulberry Silk (19 momme) and available in ivory or our new cloud grey. The cases come either plain or with embroidery in the styles of the Flat Sheet and Duvet Cover. Pillow Cases are packaged in small silk embroidered drawstring bags and are available in two sizes. All … Read More